September 28, 2015
North Carolina Railroad Invests in Morrisville Bridge
Crabtree Creek Bridge

The North Carolina Railroad (NCRR) is partnering with the Town of Morrisville and will invest $6.9 million to construct a new railroad bridge over Crabtree Creek in Morrisville, replacing a structure built in 1927.

The Morrisville construction is part of a $13 million economic development investment package approved by the railroad’s board of directors in 2014. These improvements also include projects in Mecklenburg, Cabarrus, Durham and Craven counties.

The new railroad bridge includes a provision for a pedestrian greenway to be constructed under the bridge, and allows for a future second track that could be required to maintain freight service, and any future passenger rail. The replacement will also lower maintenance costs.

“These investments will not only secure the future of freight, but also provide a safe way for pedestrians to pass under the railroad in what is a constrained area,” said NCRR President Scott Saylor.

NCRR will be working on the project with longtime freight partner Norfolk Southern and the Town of Morrisville. The Morrisville municipality decided Tuesday to invest an estimated $1 million to partner in the bridge project, following approval for the expenditure by the Town Council.

Morrisville is developing rapidly and pedestrian access is limited in the railroad area.

“Thanks to the North Carolina Railroad Company’s investment and our partnership, the pedestrian underpass will provide a safe location for pedestrians to cross under the railroad and enjoy the greenway we will develop,” said Jerry Allen, Morrisville Director of Parks and Recreation.

“The Morrisville project is just one example of the NCRR’s commitment to work closely with local, state and private partners in planning for freight and passenger mobility with a focus on job creation and economic development, while also fitting comfortably into a community’s best interests,” said Saylor.

The investment by NCRR typifies the millions of non-taxpayer dollars being used to further economic progress along and beyond the NCRR corridor. Since 2000, the NCRR has invested more than $80 million in capital improvements and has committed to invest more than $60 million for economic development through 2020.

The North Carolina Railroad: Collaborating with Communities and Spurring Economic Growth

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