Who needs plan review?

  • Anyone proposing work along and within the corridor

Why do I need plan review?

  • For your safety and the safety of others
  • To provide the access you need
  • Perform work in corridor more efficiently and in compliance with NCRR specifications

What can I expect with the plan review process?

  • Submit your application to NCRR (with fee)
  • NCRR will process application and discuss with applicant
  • Prepare your plans, engineering plan review form and any supplemental information (i.e. engineering calculations, geotechnical report, etc.) if applicable. Your plans are reviewed for conformance with NCRR’s guidelines and specifications.
  • The engineering review fee is limited to one initial submittal and up to two additional reviews for resubmittals by NCRR. Engineering plan review process will start after the fee has been submitted via ACH or check.
  • The initial review could take up to twenty business days. Completion of the engineering plan review process does not necessarily constitute NCRR’s approval of the project.
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