The North Carolina Railroad Company recognizes the importance of regulating and maintaining the 317-mile, 200-foot-wide corridor to ensure appropriate and safe use. At any time, additional tracks and infrastructure could be installed within the corridor to increase passenger and freight rail capacity. Therefore, NCRR works closely with local city and county planning officials along the corridor to ensure the railroad boundaries are considered as communities grow. NCRR has a program in place to accommodate those who wish to access certain areas of the corridor for approved uses and the appropriate agreement.

Approved Uses (with the appropriate license agreement)

  • Parking
  • Grass maintenance and beautification
  • Fencing
  • Existing structures
  • Temporary uses/Short-term access (e.g. utility installation and maintenance)
  • Crane Weathervaning

Non-approved Uses (including, but not limited to)

  • New structures
  • Utilizing any portion of the railroad corridor to satisfy an ordinance, zoning or permitting requirement
  • Open Space
  • Building access
  • Fire code access

Additional Considerations:

  • Use of the NCRR corridor must not be used to satisfy a zoning requirement under an ordinance, a specific development plan, special use permit or similar permission granted by a city or county (e.g. using the corridor to meet parking space requirements)
  • Site distance restrictions at grade crossings
  • No additional water or drainage may be allowed to be added to the corridor
  • Setbacks are preferred for structures adjacent to the corridor (determined by local planning department)
  • With the growth of North Carolina, NCRR has the potential to use the full extent of the railroad corridor

Site Plan Review in coordination with local planning departments is necessary for any contemplated uses of the corridor. If you have questions regarding whether or not an existing use or structure falls within the corridor, or if you are contemplating building adjacent to the NCRR corridor and need to clarify boundaries, contact the North Carolina Railroad Company’s Corridor Management Department.

Real Estate Contacts:

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