June 19, 2020
Railroad partners you ought to know… Kellen Riley

Kellen Riley

Kellen Riley 
Senior Industrial Manager for North and South Carolina, CSX

Kellen Riley works with Economic Development and site location partners to land projects with a rail need, and to expand existing users’ footprints in CSXT’s network, as well as those of their shoreline partners.

Superpowers: light-speed responsiveness, sunny disposition

We asked. He (actually) answered.
Your most irrational fear:  Getting hit in the elbow by the drink cart while attempting to nap on an airplane.

A random fact you love:  Every time you empty your dryer’s lint trap in the trash, you’re just gradually throwing away your clothes.

Fact about you that surprises people:  I’m 6’4″ and can’t dunk a basketball. I don’t miss from 15 feet, though!

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