To benefit North Carolina by aggressively leveraging the unique strengths and capabilities of the North Carolina Railroad Company.


A modernized railroad that meets the needs of the future, expanding North Carolina’s competitive advantage.

Core Values

  • Collaborate to forge meaningful partnerships built on mutual respect and identifying solutions
  • Earn trust by delivering, act with integrity
  • Innovate through fostering growth, conscientious listening, challenging assumptions and encouraging new ideas
  • Cultivate inclusivity by welcoming feedback, removing barriers to success, and providing a safe space for transparent communication
  • Encourage diversitycreating strength by learning from others and welcoming all points of view and perspectives
  • Constantly engage, centered around the well-being of our employees and the protection & enhancement of our resources as the company grows

Who is North Carolina Railroad Company?

The North Carolina Railroad Company (NCRR) owns and manages the 317-mile rail corridor that stretches from Charlotte to the Port Terminal in Morehead City. Our rail corridor is a vital route for freight moving east to west, and north to south. It connects to routes carrying freight and people throughout the eastern United States.

The North Carolina Railroad: Collaborating with Communities and Spurring Economic Growth

The North Carolina Railroad Company is a private business corporation with one hundred percent of the stock owned by the state of North Carolina. NCRR was chartered in 1849 for the purpose of economic development, and we continue to invest in rail infrastructure and increased freight rail capacity to recruit new and expanding industry to our state.

Norfolk Southern Corporation, a Class I freight rail company, leases the tracks through a long-standing agreement. NCRR reinvests its lease and other revenue in the Railroad and in the State of North Carolina, to ensure the state maintains its competitive advantage, resulting in job creation.

In addition to our partnership with Norfolk Southern, CSX, also a Class I freight railroad, uses a portion of our corridor. We also work closely with the North Carolina Department of Commerce and the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) on capital improvement projects and through passenger rail service offered on our line via Amtrak.

The North Carolina Railroad is an asset like no other in the state. We have a rich heritage in North Carolina and NCRR is committed to continuing to invest in opportunities that lead to job growth. We work closely with local, regional and state government and we partner closely with the economic development community. Our goal is to ensure North Carolina’s rail infrastructure continues to meet the demands of business and industry looking to expand or locate in our state.

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